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About this App

This app is a compilation of Masaki Fujihata's works from the 70's until now, which includes around 60 movies and 3D models. You can see these works by means of AR (Augmented Reality) technology. For viewing all of them, you need to have the book, " Masaki Fujihata anarchive 6 " published by the éditions Anarchive.

How to use the app

Start the app by touching the START button below. You can browse the contents through the camera input by recognizing the marker.

① To stabilize the marker recognition, you'd better set the device facing the marker.
② Once the device recognizes the marker, it follows your movement and the orientation of your camera.

The app is designed to search the printed images as markers, and starts to display the movie or the 3D model. As the app searches over 100 markers, it can take more time depending on the speed of the device that you are using.

The icon printed on the page indicates where the marker for the AR exists. All the images on the Chronology are also markers.

① Once the marker is recognized, a rectangle frame comes up. Please touch the frame for playing the movie.

② When you touch the movie frame once again, you can see the movie in full screen mode. Then you don’t need to keep your device’s camera on the image.
③ You can go back to the searching mode by touching the "Done" button on the left upper corner.

Special papers with full color print which are inserted between booklets are designed for viewing 3D models.

Beyond Pages

The image of the book on the table is a movie. It starts to open and to pause automatically. Once you see the Play icon, please touch the screen for viewing the next page.

Morel’s Panorama

The 3D model is a real reconstruction of the installation at the ASK gallery in 2003. It consists of a camera with a panoramic lens and a wall projection. Once you touch the screen, you see an additional 3D model, which doesn’t exist in the actual installation. In the panorama projected at the gallery, you could see yourself. To simulate this participation within this app, you can put your finger or place a small object on the marker. It will appear in realtime in the additional 3D model.

Unreflective Mirror

This 3D model is the reconstruction of the mirror frame which is used in the actual installation. Within this app the mirror reflects the device model which you use, instead of the original polarized filter glasses. The 3D model reflected in the mirror is exactly the same as the 3D model used in the installation in 2005.

Portray the Silhouette

The purpose of this installation is to produce the confusion between the actual shadow of the visitor in the gallery and the projected shadow of an actor. As it is impossible to invite the actual user into the inner space of the app, this app allows, instead, to move the virtual coffee cup by touching the screen.

Voices of Aliveness

The image of the map where the actual project was realised is used as the marker, where the whole data and images come alive. You can also see the details by moving your device slowly. You can’t control the music, which is programmed for about 10 min.

About the book “Masaki Fujihata anarchive 6”

Anarchive is a series of interactive multi-media projects designed to explore an artist's overall oeuvre via diverse archival material, initiated by Anne-Marie Duguet. Beyond producing important databases, the project aims at stimulating artists to develop new works through the use of digital techniques. Five titles have already been published and this title is the 6th one.

  • - Antoni Muntadas, Media Architecture Installations, Centre Pompidou, 1999
  • - Michael Snow, Digital Snow, Centre Pompidou, 2002
  • - Thierry Kuntzel, Title TK, Anarchive / Musée des Beaux-Arts, Nantes, 2006
  • - Jean Otth, On the Concile of Nicea, Anarchive, 2007
  • - Fujiko Nakaya, FOG, Anarchive 2012

More details about the series below:

You can purchase the publication through the distributor at the address below:
Les Presses du réel
35 rue Colson
21000 Dijon - France
tel +33 (0)3 80 30 75 23
fax +33 (0)3 80 30 59 74

Download sample markers

Download the sample markers to check the functionality of AR at the URL below: